Take Your Chances

My mom passed away and I need to sell my inventory of books before I move, so let's make this a bit of a game. If you want to support me during this time of transition, purchase a Take Your Chances Book Package (1 Book) or Medium Book Package (3 Books) and I will send you one or more books from my inventory on hand.


You never know what you may get! I'm taking my chances on the future. Are you willing to take your chances on one single book to help me create a way forward?

I have 150 books on hand. If I could sell them all, I would have about $2,000 to help me with moving expenses. I would really appreciate your help during this difficult time.

New Handmade Journals

Cozy Cabin Journal with Extras.jpg

Introducing the Cozy Cabin Journal

I'm thrilled to offer, for the first time, my handmade journals. The Cozy Cabin Journal contains 120 pages hand stitched into the journal cover. The interior includes tea-stained pages, watercolor pages, stenciled pages, as well as rubber stamping and hand-drawn embellishments. There is plenty of writing space, in addition to the numerous pockets, tucks, and belly bands full of journal cards. There are also Bible verses and nature quotes for your inspiration.

What are journal cards? 

The blank page can be intimidating, especially if you are a reluctant writer or are new to journaling. Each prompt is on a lined card to provide a small, less intimidating space to write an answer. If you discover you have more to say on a topic, the blank pages await!

Each journal is unique so colors and designs may vary. Do I need to say it? Supplies are limited so don't hesitate. Order now.