Faux Bazaar

For many years I have had a book table at a local holiday bazaar, which has always been the social highlight of my year as well as my biggest source of income. Once again, it has been cancelled due to COVID.

I want to give God the opportunity to provide in another way, so I'm opening up my own online book table. Your purchase is God's provision for me!

The listings below are limited to my inventory on hand, but all of my books are available on Amazon or wherever you prefer to buy books.

Hoopers Holiday Bazaar 2019 Books.jpg

Thank you for shopping at my faux bazaar!

India Collage Finished.jpg

How to Make a Prayer Collage

Art can be an effective way to spend extended time in prayer. If I keep my hands busy, I can concentrate longer and images spur my thoughts and prayers toward specific needs. While I often draw during prayer, I recently had a desire to make a prayer collage. 

I am praying for India this year, so I wanted to make a prayer collage for India. You can choose a nation, a current event, or a social issue as the theme for your prayer collage.

During the entire process of making the collage, remember to pray for the people or theme you have chosen.