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Crossword Bible Studies make it fun and easy to spend time in the Bible.

Christian Living

Discover new resources to help you grow closer to God and learn the Bible.

Youth Fiction

Go on an adventure into the land of Dragon Hollow, with Peter, Sebastian, and Alexandra.


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Gratitude Breakthrough FINAL FRONT COVER


With Gratitude Breakthrough's gratitude prompts, you'll begin to notice blessings everywhere. You'll recall people, places, and memories for which you are thankful.

Unstuck 2018 Full Size LR.jpg

Abundant Life

If you're doing all the right things as a Christian and you're still not growing, you can get unstuck.

Best Friends with God 2018 Full Size.jpg

God Loves You

Open your heart to a more intimate connection with God and experience the full reality of His amazing love.

Barefoot Devotions 2018 Full Size LR.jpg


Does your prayer time seem one-sided? Use these 90 devotionals as conversation starters with God.

Devotion Explosion 2018 Full Size.jpg

Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God develops as we approach Him with an attitude of devotion rather than a sense of duty.

Bible Surveyor Handbook 2018 Full Size L

Bible Overview

Walk through the pages of history for a perspective on how the parts of the Bible flow as one continuous story of what God is doing in the world.

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Messy Lives

 Joseph and Mary experienced shame, an unmarried pregnancy, doubts, poverty, and childbirth during travel. They also fled as fugitives and lived as refugees.

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Sweeter Than Chocolate 2018 Full


Generally, those who teach the Bible emphasize how to study the Bible using systematic methods. That can be a real yawn for folks who want to dabble, create, and discover meaning.

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