Whenever you encounter a negative news headline, challenge it. You’ll find that many negative headlines can be reframed as a positive.


If negative news headlines can be reworded as positive headlines, the same is true about the headlines we write about our daily lives.


We each tell ourselves a narrative about life. It’s the way we explain life to ourselves. We often create negative headlines for ourselves. Wouldn’t you rather be the hero of your own narrative?

Celebrate the events of your daily life by giving them a headline. Even mundane events can seem heroic when framed as a headline.

It is important to be conscious of the headlines we write about ourselves. If we believe a negative narrative about ourselves, other people can sense that in us. It might come across as a lack of confidence, pessimism, helplessness, a victim mentality, a lack of hope for the future, and many other subtle ways. You silently broadcast your inner narrative to others, so make it a heroic narrative worth sharing.


Write Your Own Headlines: Narrate Your Life as the Hero of Your Own Daily News