If you're doing all the right things as a Christian and you're still not growing, you can get unstuck. You can escape spiritual stagnation and experience abundant life. Are you ready?

Learn to let God's living water flow through your life to remove the spiritual stagnation so you can experience abundant life. Among other things, you'll discover why grace is life support. You'll learn to accept the weakness advantage. And you'll experience God's resurrection power at work in your life.

"This book would be great for discipleship groups." -CW

"Really enjoying and getting a lot from the book." -MK

Chapter 1: Spiritual Stagnation
Chapter 2: Oxygenated Life
Chapter 3: In the Beginning
Chapter 4: The Quest for Meaning
Chapter 5: God’s Plan
Chapter 6: Salvation Is More Than Eternal Life
Chapter 7: Resurrection Power at Work
Chapter 8: The Weakness Advantage
Chapter 9: Walk with God
Chapter 10: Total Dependence on God
Chapter 11: The Word of Life
Chapter 12: The Power of the Spirit
Chapter 13: A Dependent Relationship
Chapter 14: Powerful Breath
Chapter 15: Grace Is Life Support
Chapter 16: Breathing Lessons
Chapter 17: Signs of Life
Chapter 18: Artificial Respiration
Chapter 19: The Rest of the Story
Chapter 20: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 21: A Cheap Imitation
Chapter 22: Grace Looks Good on You
Chapter 23: Life Overflowing
Chapter 24: Fountain of Living Waters
Chapter 25: Delight in Abundance

Unstuck was previously published under the title, Abundant Life.

Unstuck: Escape Spiritual Stagnation, Experience Abundant Life