Jeremiah saw Judah and Jerusalem fall to the conquering Babylonians. His unpopular message urging the king to surrender to Babylon landed him in prison more than once. Through his affliction, he poured out his heart to God, being honest about his doubts, fears, and frustrations. For this reason, some scholars refer to Jeremiah as “the weeping prophet.”
With Crossword Bible Studies, you’ll find the answer to every clue in the words of the Bible. Each clue contains a quote from the King James Version of the Bible and at the end of the clue is the verse reference. If you don’t know the answer, look up the verse and fill in the blank to complete your puzzle.
These reproducible puzzles are challenging enough for adults, but simple enough for kids because of the fill-in-the-blank format. As you work through the puzzles, don’t forget to look up from the details of words and phrases to identify the larger context of what is happening and why.
Whether you’re looking for crosswords for adults or reproducible Bible puzzles for your church or school, Crossword Bible Studies will meet the need. Consider giving a copy of this reproducible book to your church because Bible crossword puzzles make fun take-home papers.
Let’s review:

  • Reproducible crossword puzzles
  • King James Version (1611)
  • Each clue cites the verse reference
  • 35-45 clues for each puzzle
  • Fill-in-the-blank clue format
  • Suitable for ages 8 to 108


  • Jeremiah’s Call (Jeremiah 1)
  • Jeremiah’s Anguish over the Destruction of His People (Jeremiah 4)
  • Jeremiah Speaks at the Temple (Jeremiah 7)
  • Jeremiah Weeps for God to Heal His People (Jeremiah 8)
  • A Plot against Jeremiah (Jeremiah 11:18-23)
  • Jeremiah Questions God’s Justice (Jeremiah 12)
  • Jeremiah’s Linen Loincloth (Jeremiah 13:1-11)
  • God Forbids Jeremiah to Intercede (Jeremiah 14)
  • Jeremiah’s Complaint (Jeremiah 15)
  • God Forbids Jeremiah to Marry, Mourn, or Celebrate (Jeremiah 16)
  • Jeremiah’s Prayer of Confidence (Jeremiah 17:5-18)
  • The Potter’s Shop and a Plot against Jeremiah (Jeremiah 18)
  • Jeremiah’s Shattered Jar (Jeremiah 19)
  • Jeremiah Confronts Pashur and Complains to God (Jeremiah 20)
  • Jeremiah’s Message: Surrender to Babylon (Jeremiah 21)
  • Jeremiah’s Vision of Figs (Jeremiah 24)
  • Jeremiah Foretells 70 Years of Captivity (Jeremiah 25:1-13)
  • Jeremiah’s Escape from Death (Jeremiah 26)
  • Jeremiah Wears a Yoke on His Neck (Jeremiah 27)
  • Jeremiah Condemns Hananiah as a False Prophet (Jeremiah 28)
  • Jeremiah Writes a Letter to the Exiles (Jeremiah 29)
  • Jeremiah Writes God’s Promise of Restoration (Jeremiah 30)
  • Jeremiah Purchases Land as a Sign of Future Restoration (Jeremiah 32)
  • Jeremiah in Confinement (Jeremiah 33)
  • Jeremiah’s Warning to King Zedekiah (Jeremiah 34)
  • Jeremiah Dictates Messages (Jeremiah 36)
  • King Zedekiah Summons Jeremiah (Jeremiah 37)
  • Jeremiah in a Cistern (Jeremiah 38)
  • After the Fall of Jerusalem, Jeremiah Remains (Jeremiah 39)
  • Babylonians Release Jeremiah (Jeremiah 40:1-6)
  • Jeremiah Warns the Remnant to Remain in Judah (Jeremiah 42)
  • Jeremiah Is Taken to Egypt against His Will (Jeremiah 43-44)
  • Bonus Puzzle: The Book of Jeremiah
  • Bonus Puzzle: The Book of Lamentations

The Life of Jeremiah (Crossword Bible Studies)