This PDF contains seven daily meditations along with journaling space and workbook questions to help you apply the concepts to your life.


If letting God love you is a new concept for you, here’s an example of how to approach it.


Become still and comfortable. Simply say, “Lord, I am going to let you love me.” The first words you hear will be from God (subsequent thoughts may try to doubt it, but ignore them). Continue to focus on God and be open and eager to receive all he has for you.


He will probably tell you how much he loves you, how special you are, or other loving sentiments. Receive them without question. Accept his love for you. Let God’s words continue to flow and you’ll find emotional healing, fresh confidence, and more. His love will wash away pain and insecurity. He will build you up, not tear you down.


Whenever you need to encourage yourself in the Lord, return to this posture of letting God love you. This is also a lovely way to fall asleep.

Let God Love You: 7-Day Meditation and Journaling Experience