It’s easy to say you’re grateful for everything you have, but it’s often a vague thankful feeling—a warm and fuzzy, slightly guilty awareness that you live well. Gratitude Breakthrough contains journaling prompts to help you get specific.


You’ll improve your observation skills to notice blessings anywhere. You’ll recall people, places, events, and memories for which you are thankful. You’ll identify people who influenced you and people you encounter daily—even the delivery guy.


Not much of a writer? No problem. Most of the gratitude prompts come in the form of lists, a few short answers, and an occasional full page for longer prayers and reflections.


You can use this guided journal for mental health and spiritual growth. Take the sting out of depression, anxiety, and stress and experience better mental health by allowing God to transform your mind with gratitude.


Hi! I’m Christy and I have bipolar disorder. I wrote these gratitude prompts to help myself find a better state of mind. Now I pray they will help you experience your own gratitude breakthrough.


In my experience, gratitude was about accepting my life as it is—in God’s hands—and not as I wish it could be. Gratitude helped me get unstuck so I could move forward in life.


If you’re discontent with life, stuck in a bad place, or always looking for something else to make you happy, then you need a gratitude breakthrough. But gratitude is more than learning to look on the bright side. It’s about recognizing God as the source of all things.


This gratitude journal provides tools for you to identify what really matters, express thankfulness, and train your mind and spirit to focus on things worthy of gratitude. If you work through the prompts in this book, you might begin to:


  • Improve your attitude by improving your observation skills to notice blessings anywhere
  • Develop a closer relationship with God as you enter his gates with thanksgiving
  • Discover increased confidence from recognizing God in all things
  • Find relationship and career success as you learn to treat others with gratitude
  • Experience better health, including better sleep, increased energy, lower blood pressure, and improved immune function


Are you ready for a gratitude breakthrough?

Gratitude Breakthrough: Let God Transform You by Changing the Way You Think