Crossword Bible Studies: Genesis (KJV)

If you want to start at the very beginning, Genesis is a very good place to start. This volume of Crossword Bible Studies contains 35 easy crossword puzzles covering the 50 chapters in Genesis. Some puzzles combine two chapters where it makes sense with the flow of a scene. 


The puzzles are challenging enough for adults, but simple enough for kids because of the fill-in-the-blank format. Each clue contains a quote from the King James Version of the Bible. At the end of the clue is the verse reference so if you don’t know the answer, look up the verse, fill in the blank, and complete your puzzle. Each puzzle contains 25-35 clues, making it quick and convenient for your busy life.

“This is one of the best put together crossword puzzles I have ever done.” – Wanda

“These puzzles are really good. I like to see how many words I can remember without reading the Bible text.” – Jimmy C.

“Really like these puzzles as exercises to get me thinking/meditating.” – Amazon Customer

“Enjoy them as a teaching tool.” – minister2

“These puzzles will assist me as l am learning scripture.” – Annette


  • Genesis 1: Creation
  • Genesis 2-3: Adam and Eve
  • Genesis 4-5: Cain and Abel
  • Genesis 6: Noah’s Ark
  • Genesis 7-8: The Flood
  • Genesis 9-10: God’s Covenant
  • Genesis 11-12: From the Tower of Babel to Abram
  • Genesis 13-14: Abram and Lot
  • Genesis 15: God’s Covenant with Abraham
  • Genesis 16-17: Hagar and Ishmael
  • Genesis 18-19: Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Genesis 20-21: Abraham Deceives Abimelech and Dismisses Hagar
  • Genesis 22: Isaac on the Altar
  • Genesis 23: The Death of Sarah
  • Genesis 24: A Wife for Isaac
  • Genesis 25: Jacob and Esau
  • Genesis 26: Isaac’s Wife and Well
  • Genesis 27: Jacob the Deceiver
  • Genesis 28: Jacob’s Dream
  • Genesis 29-30: Rachel and Leah
  • Genesis 31: Jacob Leaves Laban
  • Genesis 32-33 Jacob Wrestles an Angel and Meets Esau
  • Genesis 34: Dinah
  • Genesis 35-36: The Deaths of Rachel and Isaac
  • Genesis 37: Joseph the Dreamer
  • Genesis 38: Judah and Tamar
  • Genesis 39: Joseph in Egypt
  • Genesis 40: Joseph in Prison
  • Genesis 41: Joseph Interprets Dreams
  • Genesis 42: Famine and Family
  • Genesis 43-44: Joseph’s Family Returns a Second Time
  • Genesis 45: God’s Providence
  • Genesis 46-47: Joseph’s Family Moves to Egypt
  • Genesis 48-49: Jacob Blesses His Descendants
  • Genesis 50: Funeral and Family Forgiveness

Crossword Bible Studies: Genesis (KJV)



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