Each Cozy Cabin Journal contains 120 pages, hand stitched into the cover. The interior includes tea-stained pages, watercolor pages, stenciled pages, rubber stamping, and hand-drawn embellishments. There are plenty of creative pockets, tucks, and belly bands containing dozens of journal cards. The journal cards feature journal prompts, Bible verses, and nature quotes. Even with all these embellishments, the journal has ample space to write or be creative.


Are you a reluctant writer or new to journaling? A blank page can be intimidating, but the journal cards contain prompts to get you started. Roughly the size of index cards, the journal prompts give you a small, less intimidating space to answer. If you discover you have more to say on a topic, the blank pages await.


Each box has been stuffed with extras. It's flat rate, so why not? Contents will vary but may include smaller notebooks, handmade greeting cards, or books by Christy.


Your purchase is God's provision for me. Thank you!

Cozy Cabin Handmade Journal 120 pages