Does the holiday season conjure up images of perfect families, perfect lives, and perfect loves?

Few of us measure up to those standards, so we sometimes feel a degree of angst, disappointment, or even depression during the holidays.


If God chose us and called us for a purpose, as the Bible says, then why aren’t our lives perfect? If we were in God’s plan, wouldn’t life be easy sailing? Does our struggle to overcome obstacles mean we are out of favor with God?


A perfect family with perfect lives?

A couple thousand years ago, God chose two young teens to parent the divine child—the promised Messiah, the Son of God. Along with that holy calling came all kinds of difficult circumstances. Joseph and Mary experienced shame and disgrace, an unmarried pregnancy, questions, doubts, fears, poverty, and childbirth during travel. They also fled as fugitives and lived as refugees in Egypt to protect Israel’s Most Wanted—the holy child, Jesus.


What if you could accept your life as messy, inconvenient . . . and perfect?

Chosen: A 31-Day Christmas Devotional will help you embrace the messy parts of life as part of God’s calling for you. Just because God chooses you, doesn’t mean things will be easy.


God puts you in challenges that allow him to work through you in amazing ways. Let him meet the challenges of life through you because his burden is light.


Embrace your chosen, messy, and perfect life as you:

  • Accept God’s lead for this step, right now.
  • Discover your high and holy calling.
  • Lean into God during uncomfortable circumstances.
  • Want whatever God wants for you.
  • Look for the blessings God leaves you to refresh you along the way.
  • Allow God to live through you.
  • Watch God to work out his plan for your life.
  • See the ways God has worked in your life.
  • Trust God to change others.
  • Remember God is with you.
  • Submit to God’s plan in any situation.
  • Keep trouble in perspective.
  • Work through the details with God.
  • Put others first.
  • Show up.
  • Display God’s power.
  • Possess every spiritual blessing.
  • Witness God at work.
  • Experience divine guidance.
  • Rely on God’s timing.
  • Share what you have seen God do.
  • Let God lead you where you need to be.
  • Receive the faith God gives you.
  • Seek Jesus and give yourself to him.
  • Immerse yourself in God’s grace.
  • Worship Christ.
  • Respond to God’s leading.

May these devotional readings give you hope and courage to face the challenges God has placed in your life. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Chosen: A 31-Day Christmas Devotional