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Does your prayer time seem one-sided? You can change your monologue into a dialogue by using these 90 devotionals as conversation starters with God. Written from God’s perspective to you, each devotional gives you a place to begin interacting with Him. The Bible says God spoke to Moses as a man speaks to a friend (Exodus 33:11). You can have that kind of relationship with God, too. Take your shoes off and dig your toes into the cool grassy meadow of an interactive prayer life.

I hope these devotional readings will help you start hearing the repeated refrain of God’s love for you, feel His encouragement, and find yourself challenged by His high view of your potential in Christ.

May you feel encouraged as you read about your spiritual blessings each day. Of course, there are more than ninety spiritual blessings in the Bible, but I chose some of the most notable ones to share with you.


  • Hear from God Daily
  • Prayer and Journaling Prompts
  • 90-Day Reading Plan



  1. Christ
  2. Christ’s Sacrifice
  3. God Helps Me Believe
  4. Chosen by God
  5. Salvation
  6. Ransomed
  7. Rescued from the Kingdom of Darkness
  8. Undeserved Privilege
  9. Adoption into God’s Family
  10. Cleansed
  11. Declared Righteous
  12. Made Right with God
  13. Relationship Restored from Enemies to Friends
  14. Friends of God
  15. A New Heart
  16. New Life in Christ
  17. A Rich and Satisfying Life
  18. Christ Lives in Me
  19. Christ’s Love Controls Me
  20. The Holy Spirit
  21. Spirit-Controlled Life
  22. Jesus Interceding for Me
  23. Holy Spirit Interceding for Me
  24. God Listens to Me
  25. Answered Prayer
  26. Wonderful Things
  27. More Than You Imagine
  28. Every Spiritual Blessing
  29. Provision for Godly Living
  30. God Is Working in Me
  31. God’s Strength in My Weakness
  32. Resurrection Power
  33. God’s Power over the Impossible
  34. God’s Goodness
  35. God’s Faithfulness
  36. God Meets My Needs
  37. God Provides for Generosity
  38. God Protects My Salvation
  39. God’s Protective Watchfulness
  40. Angels
  41. God’s Faithful Provision in Temptation
  42. Conscience
  43. Repentance
  44. Forgiveness
  45. No Condemnation
  46. Freedom from Sin
  47. Victory in Christ
  48. God’s Presence
  49. God’s Guidance
  50. God’s Discipline
  51. The Privilege of Trusting in Christ
  52. Worthy to Suffer Disgrace for Christ
  53. Comfort in Christ
  54. Restoration and Support
  55. Compassion
  56. Justice
  57. The Word of God
  58. God Prepares Us with Scripture
  59. Spiritual Understanding
  60. Spiritual Gifts
  61. Qualification
  62. Confidence
  63. Ability to Serve
  64. Fellowship with Believers
  65. Love One Another
  66. Encouragement
  67. Fruit of the Spirit
  68. The Fruit of Your Salvation
  69. Faith
  70. Grace
  71. Hope
  72. Joy
  73. God’s Love
  74. Inseparable Love
  75. Mercy
  76. Peace
  77. Rest
  78. Wisdom
  79. Promises
  80. The Eternal Crown
  81. The Crown of Joy in the Salvation of Others
  82. The Crown of Never-Ending Glory and Honor
  83. The Crown of Life
  84. The Crown of Righteousness
  85. Heirs of God
  86. An Inheritance as Your Reward
  87. The Return of Christ
  88. Heaven
  89. Eternal Life
  90. Bountiful Harvests

Barefoot Devotions: Step into Your Spiritual Blessings