Does your prayer time seem one-sided? You can change your monologue into a dialogue by using these 90 devotionals as conversation starters with God. Written from God’s perspective to you, each devotional gives you a place to begin interacting with Him. The Bible says God spoke to Moses as a man speaks to a friend (Exodus 33:11). You can have that kind of relationship with God, too. Take your shoes off and dig your toes into the cool grassy meadow of an interactive prayer life.


I hope these devotional readings will help you start listening. Then you’ll hear the repeated refrain of God’s love for you, feel His encouragement, and find yourself challenged by His high view of your potential in Christ.


Journaling Your Prayers and God’s Responses. Consider using Barefoot Devotions as a springboard for your own responsive prayer time.

  • Prayerfully read the Scripture and God’s letter to you for that day. Take out a journal and write down your thoughts and prayers about what you have read.
  • Ask God what He wants to say to you, personally.
  • Write God’s answer to you. Simply quiet yourself down, tune in to the Holy Spirit within you, and write the flow of thoughts that come. It can be helpful to visualize Jesus and ask Him what’s on His heart and let him answer. Sometimes the answer will come in both words and pictures this way.

By using Barefoot Devotions as a springboard for your own prayer and journaling, you enable God to speak to your heart each day.


Step into Your Spiritual Blessings. This volume of Barefoot Devotions contains ninety daily readings on our spiritual blessings. We have been given many spiritual blessings through our relationship with Christ. Many of the blessings are automatically ours, whether we realize it or not. Others we grow into, receive as needed, or gain by asking. Some of our spiritual blessings are available to us now and others await us in heaven.


I hope you will be encouraged as you read about your spiritual blessings each day. Of course, there are more than ninety spiritual blessings in the Bible, but I chose some of the most notable and encouraging ones to share with you.

Barefoot Devotions: Step into Your Spiritual Blessings