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How to Make a Prayer Collage

Art can be an effective way to spend extended time in prayer. If I keep my hands busy, I can concentrate longer and images spur my thoughts and prayers toward specific needs. While I often draw during prayer, I recently had a desire to make a prayer collage. 

I am praying for India this year, so I wanted to make a prayer collage for India. You can choose a nation, a current event, or a social issue as the theme for your prayer collage.

During the entire process of making the collage, remember to pray for the people or theme you have chosen. 

India Collage Print.jpg

Select & Print

After you have chosen the theme for your collage, search the Internet for relevant pictures you can use for your collage.

Print these images in a variety of sizes.


Carefully cut out the individual images using a paper cutter or scissors.

You may decide to cut out the background by cutting around a main figure in the image. This can eliminate an undesirable background and also create visual interest to the collage as you layer the images.

India Collage Cut.jpg
India Collage Sort.jpg

Sort & Arrange

Sort images and begin to experiment with ways to combine them.

I used a standard piece of cardstock for my background.


Use glue or double-stick tape to begin fastening images to the background page. I prefer tape because glue can cause the paper to ripple.

Before you begin, note where you have overlapping images and be mindful of fastening the layers in the proper sequence.

India Collage Tools.jpg
India Collage Finished.jpg


Place your finished collage in a place where you will see it and remember to pray for your special theme.


While I created my collage for India, I watched (again) the eye-opening documentary, Veil of Tears. The 90-minute video demonstrates the plight of women in India, from the shame of giving birth to a girl, to the burden of the dowry for marriage, to sexual slavery, risk of rape, and the reality of being shunned during widowhood because the culture blames the wife for the death of her husband.

It can be difficult to watch, but I really recommend it. Everyone needs to be aware of the needs in India and other places where such things occur. We, as Christians, have work to do. There are many ways we can help, beginning with prayer.

Here is the Amazon link, but it may be available on other streaming services.

Veil of Tears DVD Cover.jpg
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