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Pandemic Challenges

Shaken, Not Stirred

God has used COVID-19 to shake up our lives. Honestly? I feel like God hit the frappe button and agitated all my inner issues. The scum of my life, which I have kept neatly stuffed all these years, has been churned to the surface and now I have to deal with my past issues, as well as the present challenges.

Sound familiar?

My first instinct is to shut down. But I challenge myself (and you!) to lean into God during this time. Let him do the work he wants to accomplish in your heart. Let him heal the issues coming to the surface.

We are overcomers in Christ! We can rise up to meet these challenges and live as a testimony to those around us. There is no challenge we can't handle with God.

I've put together a number of resources to help during this difficult time. I hope they comfort your heart, strengthen your faith, and bless your socks off!

Be well. May God bless you!



Read a Mini Devotional

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Isolation Activities


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