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20-Minute Retreat

Let God Love You

A 20-Minute Retreat at the

National Cherry Blossom Festival

Set aside a few minutes to enjoy this retreat with God. I hope this simple meditation draws you into his presence.

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of love and friendship, creating an appropriate setting as we meditate on God as our Lover.

Part 1: Worship (10 minutes)

Some people have a difficult time relating to God as Lover. We relate to him as Lord, Friend, and Father, but Lover seems intimate and vulnerable.


When we experience difficult relationships or painful breakups with a lover, we tend to put up our defenses to protect ourselves from future pain. We keep people at arm’s length because we’re afraid we’ll get hurt again. These defenses protect us from getting hurt, but they also keep us from feeling the joys of loving relationships with others.


Although we don’t intend to, we do the same thing with God. Over time, we get hurt by disappointment with God—unanswered prayers, unanswered questions, unfulfilled hopes, and so forth.


Without realizing it, we begin to keep God at arm’s length. We still believe in God, but we’re just not sure we can trust him.

It takes vulnerability to let someone love you. You could get hurt.

Are you willing to let God love you today?


As you listen to the worship video, Lover of Lovers, cup your hands. Hold all those unfulfilled hopes, prayers, and questions. Now lift up your hands as you give them to God. With hands emptied of disappointments, keep your hands cupped to receive God’s love.

Right now,

for this moment in time,

let God love you.

Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you?

The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth.
The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere.
The fragrance of their flowers whispers,

“There is change in the air.”

Arise, my love, my beautiful companion,
and run with me to the higher place.

For now is the time to arise and

come away with me.
Song of Songs 2:13, TPT

God Invites You

My heart has heard you say,

“Come and talk with me.”
    And my heart responds,

“Lord, I am coming.”
Psalm 27:8, NLT

The Lord Reserved a Place for You

Part 2: Enrichment (5 minutes)

There’s a private place reserved for the lovers of God,
where they sit near him and receive 

revelation-secrets of his promises.
Psalm 25:14, TPT

The Lord Waits for You

So the Lord must wait for you to come to him
    so he can show you his love and compassion.
For the Lord is a faithful God.
    Blessed are those who wait for his help.

Isaiah 30:18, NLT

Drop Everything and Listen to His Voice

For we are the lovers he cares for

and he is the God we worship.
So drop everything else and listen to his voice!
For this is what he’s saying:
“Today, when I speak,
don’t even think about turning a deaf ear to me
like they did when they tested me at Meribah and Massah,
the place where they argued with me, their Creator.
Your ancestors challenged me over and over with their complaining, 
even though I had convinced them of my power and love.

They still doubted my care for them.
Psalm 95:7-9, TPT

Come to the Lord without Demands

I am humbled and quieted in your presence.
Like a contented child who rests on its mother’s lap,
I’m your resting child and my soul is content in you.

Psalm 131:2, TPT


An infant comes to its mother's breast making loud, urgent demands--feed me! A weaned child comes to its mother's breast for comfort--to enjoy her presence.

Come to the Lord to enjoy his presence.

Receive Whatever God Has for You

“I love each of you with the same love that the Father loves me. You must continually

let my love nourish your hearts.
John 15:9, TPT

And this hope is not a

disappointing fantasy,

because we can now experience

the endless love of God

cascading into our hearts

through the Holy Spirit

who lives in us!

Romans 5:5, TPT

Won’t you tell me, lover of my soul,
where do you feed your flock?
Song of Songs 1:7a, TPT

Listen, my radiant one—
if you ever lose sight of me,
just follow in my footsteps where I lead my lovers.


Come with your burdens and cares.
Come to the place near the

sanctuary of my shepherds.
Song of Songs 1:8, TPT

Part 3: Meditation (5 minutes)

It’s easy to hurry into God’s presence with a list of requests and to leave just as quickly. Reflect for a moment about how much of your time with God is spent asking for things and how much time is spent just enjoying his presence. Most people probably lean toward asking. That’s fine. There’s no condemnation in Christ. But let’s try sitting in God’s presence for a few minutes.

For the next few minutes, enter God’s presence with no agenda other than to let him love you.

How to Let God Love You

Become still and comfortable. Simply say, “Lord, I am going to let you love me.” The first words you hear will be from God (subsequent thoughts may try to doubt it, but ignore them). Continue to focus on God and be open and eager to receive all he has for you.

He will probably tell you how much he loves you, how special you are, or other loving sentiments. Receive them without question. Accept his love for you. Let God’s words continue to flow and you’ll find emotional healing, fresh confidence, and more. His love will wash away pain and insecurity. He will build you up, not tear you down.

Whenever you need to encourage yourself in the Lord, return to this posture of letting God love you. This is also a lovely way to fall asleep.

You Might Hear God Say . . .

“I love you!”
“You are my child, in whom I am pleased.”
“You are precious to me.”
“I think about you all the time.”
“You are beautiful.”
“You are strong and brave.”
“Your strength comes from me.”
“My love overflows in you.”
“I delight in every detail of your life.”
“I am healing your pain.”
“I am proud of you.”
“You display my glory to others.”

“Lord, I am going to let you love me.”


Become still and comfortable and let God love you for a few minutes. Listen and receive his love without question. 

I have found the

gateway to God,

the pathway

to his presence

for all his lovers.


Psalm 118:20, TPT

Extra Content!

20-page PDF with the entire 20-minute retreat plus a 7-day journal to help you experience God's love daily.

Let God Love You: 20-Minute Retreat and 7-Day Journal


May God’s mercy, peace, and love cascade over you!
Jude 1:2, TPT

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