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Biblical Affirmations for Anxiety

A few years ago, I designed some fun cards to help me affirm the truths in the Bible instead of the anxious, distressing thoughts in my head.

I thought you might enjoy swiping through these images.

Gallery of Affirmations

List of 60 Biblical Affirmations for Anxiety

Affirmations aren’t a magic spell. Reciting affirmations doesn’t make anxiety go away. But they do change our minds. The things we affirm become our default thought habits. I hope you’ll continue to saturate your mind with the word of God and I want to make it easy for you to review these affirmations so here is a concise list of all 60 affirmations from my book, 60 Biblical Affirmations for Anxiety.


  1. I give God permission to reveal my anxious thoughts and lead me along a new path of life.

  2. I choose to rehearse encouraging thoughts instead of worry.

  3. I dwell on my possibilities, not on my problems.

  4. I affirm my faith in God.

  5. I take one day at a time by trusting God for today.

  6. My future is in God’s hands.

  7. I give my worries to God because he cares about what happens to me.

  8. God calms all my fears with his love.

  9. Everything belongs to the Lord so I have no reason to worry.

  10. I do not worry about everyday life.

  11. Jesus has compassion on me when I am confused and worried.

  12. I am not afraid because God holds my hand and helps me.

  13. The Lord watches over me as I come and go.

  14. I pray about everything so I don’t have to worry about anything.

  15. God is my hope in the day of disaster.

  16. I know God loves me so I have nothing to fear.

  17. I accept fear as a normal response to an actual threat but I reject anxious thoughts of all possible threats.

  18. I trust God to care for me, so I do not fear bad news.

  19. The Lord will go ahead of me and protect me from behind.

  20. I replace worry with positive action.

  21. God is my security so I am not afraid of sudden disaster.

  22. My sleep will be sweet because the Lord is my security.

  23. I reject anxiety because it distorts my perspective.

  24. I use my imagination for good, not for imagining every worst-case scenario.

  25. When I go through deep waters, God will be with me.

  26. God frees me from all my fears.

  27. Christ holds all of creation together, so he can hold me together.

  28. I will be still and accept God’s control of my situation.

  29. I embrace the unknown because I live by believing and not by seeing.

  30. Today is an opportunity to exercise my faith.

  31. Nothing happens outside of God’s influence.

  32. I guard God’s precious truth from the lies of anxious speculation.

  33. I fear no evil because God is with me.

  34. I ask for what I need.

  35. My circumstances are temporary and God is in control.

  36. I allow the word of God to expose my anxious thoughts.

  37. I use God’s powerful weapons to destroy the false arguments of anxiety.

  38. I reject anxious thoughts because worry is unbelief.

  39. God alone knows my future and he will bring it to pass as he wishes.

  40. Anxiety comes from imagining my future without God in it.

  41. I surrender my anxiety, which is hostility toward God.

  42. I surround myself with positive people because fear is contagious.

  43. I release my desire to control every detail of my life and I accept God’s will for me.

  44. Christ set me free from the fear of dying.

  45. My life and health are in God’s hands.

  46. I believe God’s promise to take care of me, wherever he leads me.

  47. I protect God’s truth in my heart from being crowded out by anxiety.

  48. He who calmed the storm can calm me right now.

  49. God’s love for me is greater than the things I fear will happen.

  50. God gives me rest from anxiously working to meet my own needs.

  51. I am not afraid of terrors, disease, or disaster because God is with me.

  52. I run to Jesus when a wave of fear sweeps over me.

  53. I live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.

  54. I refuse to speculate about my future.

  55. I do not fear what people might do because God can turn harm into good.

  56. Rather than rely on my own understanding, I accept God’s ways.

  57. I refuse to worry.

  58. I trust God when I am afraid.

  59. I do not fret about evildoers because their fate is in God’s hand.

  60. I will not die a day before God says so because the Lord keeps me alive.

I hope these affirmations help you develop new thought habits that will keep anxiety at bay.

I pray God’s blessing on you as you seek freedom from anxiety. May God grant you peace as you seek to honor him with your thoughts.

60 Biblical Affirmations for Anxiety by

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60 Biblical Affirmations for Anxiety.

Now enjoy the devotional readings for each affirmation.

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